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SCU: Can We Talk?

Zipporah Ridley

Zipporah Ridley

Perspectives on campus climate

Zipporah Ridley

"SCU: Can We Talk" is a short film on Santa Clara University student leaders discussing campus climate from their perspective. They examine the topics of being heard, listening to others, the capacity for dialogue, and the manifestation of the political climate. Due to the increasingly polarizing climate on campus and in the country, the film's producer, Zipporah Ridley, interviewed several student leaders to gain their perspective and learn more about their involvement and responsibilities on campus. These student leaders are Anna Tomas, Kayla Williams, Lauren Tetrev, Thayne Kollmorgen, Jahwala Johns, and Emma Hyndman. They provide wonderful insight to the realities of being a student at Santa Clara University.

Jun 13, 2017

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