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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Resources For Newsrooms and Classrooms

A view inside the Middle East Broadcasting Networks newsroom

A view inside the Middle East Broadcasting Networks newsroom

Today's journalists face both classic dilemmas in journalism ethics and unique challenges presented by the digital era. The Center offers materials on digital journalism ethics for use by professionals and students.

Bibliography on Trust in Journalism

Creating trust is a central concern of reporters, whose reputation for trustworthiness affects the reception of their work.  These resources discuss the importance of trust and how to create it.

Data Journalism Ethics Resources

Increasingly, journalists are mining big data sets to research their stories.  This set of articles and cases applies the the basic ethical principles of accuracy, fairness, and inclusion to investigations using data. 

Journalism Ethics Codes

Explore links to journalism ethics codes and other resources.

Top Ethical Issues in Digital Journalism

Videos from the Digital Journalism Ethics Roundtable explore a variety of topics including trust, accuracy, accountability, and diversity.

Unavoidable Ethical Dilemmas for Digital Journalists

Every reporter can expect to run into predictable ethical challenges.  This list of dilemmas allows journalists to prepare for the kind of dilemmas they will confront as they pursue their careers.



Top Issues in Digital Journalism Ethics

Warren Schultheis Digital Journalism Ethics: Building Trustworthiness and Authenticity Into Design
Warren Schultheis, senior designer for
John Temple Digital Journalism Ethics: Experiments in Values and Trustworthiness
John Temple, president of audience and products, First Look Media
Mark Little Digital Journalism Ethics: What Social Verification Teaches About Trust
Mark Little, CEO and founder of Storyful
Mirella Bucci Digital Journalism Ethics: Citations and Links
Mirella Bucci, senior editor, Nature Chemical Biology
Phil Groman Digital Journalism Ethics: Juggling Live Video and Trust
Phil Groman, product leader for NBC Universal / Stringwire
Maria McFarland Digital Journalism Ethics: How a Non-news Site Cultivates Trust
Maria McFarland, deputy U.S. program director, Human Rights Watch
Patrick Plaisance Digital Journalism Ethics: Mind the Gap
Patrick Plaisance, ethicist at Colorado State University
Steve Katz Digital Journalism Ethics: Getting the Facts Straight
Steve Katz, publisher of Mother Jones
Martin Reynolds Digital Journalism Ethics: Don't Be a Pusher
Martin Reynolds, senior editor of community engagement, Digital First Media
Robert Rosenthal Digital Journalism Ethics: Truth-telling, Engagement, and Impact
Robert Rosenthal, executive director of the Center for Investigative Reporting
Todd Gitlin Who Can Deliver the Journalism We Need in the Digital Public Square?
Todd Gitlin, Professor of Journalism & Sociology, Columbia University
Richard Gingras The Future of Digital Journalism in the Public Square
Richard Gingras, Head, News & Social Products, Google
Sue Gardner When Truth Seems a Matter of Debate, Should Journalists Advocate Critical Thinking and News Literacy
Sue Gardner, Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation
Martin Reynolds Cultivating Diversity Across Race, Class, Gender, Generation, and Geography
Martin Reynolds, Senior Editor of Community Engagement, Digital First Media
Anthony Moor Curating and Promoting News Important to Civil Society
Anthony Moor, Director of Editorial Operations, Yahoo!

Presenter Bios

Richard Gingras Ethical Challenges for Digital Journalism
Questions and Resources
Richard Gingras, head of news products, Google
Scott Rosenberg Accuracy and Newsgathering Online
Questions and Resources
Scott Rosenberg, executive editor, Grist
Bryan Monroe Accountability and Transparency in Digital Media
Questions and Resources
Bryan Monroe, editor,
Joaquin Alvarado Inclusiveness in Digital Media
Questions and Resources
Joaquin Alvarado, senior VP for digital innovation, American Public Media
Christine Montgomery Using Metrics to Make Editorial Decisions
Questions and Resources
Christine Montgomery, chief digital officer, Center for Public Integrity
Bios of Presenters
Nov 19, 2014