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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Trust in Journalism: A Bibliography

A Bibliography

Trust-Generating Tools and Sites

Emergent: Tracks on-line hoaxes with a "truthiness" gauge

Battling Bogus Media (American Press Institute)

NewsDiffs: Tracking Online News Over Time

Skeptive: Users set parameters for sources they trust; site resolves disputes over facts and opinion.

BBC’s UGC and Social Media Hub: sourcing, authenticating and broadcasting content

Trustworthy Graphics, Data Visualization and Photography

Alberto Cairo on Ethical Infographics

Fred Ritchen on Photo Manipulation Standards

Scholarship on Trust

Corritore, C.L., Kracher, B., Wiedenbeck, S. (2003), On-line trust: concepts, evolving themes, a model, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 58 (6) (2003), pp. 737–758

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Nurse, JRC, Agrafiotis, I, Goldsmith, M., Creese, S. and Lamberts, K. Two Sides of the Coin: Measuring and communicating the trustworthiness of online information, Journal of Trust Management, (Open Access)

Trust and Technology Special Issue. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies Volume 58, Issue 6, Pages EX1-EX2, 633-812 (June 2003)

Vanacker, B. and Belmas, G. (2009). Trust and the Economics of News. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 24: 110-126.

Surveys on News and Trust

2014: Americans' Confidence in News Media Remains Low

2014: Edelman Trust Barometer

2013: State of the Media

2013: Social Media Trust

NORC at the University of Chicago Data on Confidence in the Press


Engagement and Impact

Engagement and Citizen Journalism

Ground Report: News and Opinions From the Ground

Center for Media and Social Impact: GroundReport partners with media organizations to promote citizen journalism

Public Media 2.0: Participatory News Matches Quality Content with Engagement

Association for Computing Machinery: A Proposal to Support Public Accountability Reporting

Impact Analysis

USC Annenberg Media Impact Project

Center for Investigative Reporting Dissection Project Five Points on Audience Loyalty

Web Analytics and Metrics

Lunametrics PBS Google Analytics Case Study

Pew Research: Social Media is Reshaping News


Other Areas

Native Advertising

The Content Council

A Critique of Native Ads by Custom Content Marketer

Dan Lyons: A Guide to “Brand Journalism”

Jan 1, 2010