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Keren Goor

conversation bubbles.

conversation bubbles. "Conversation" by raiznext is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Keren Goor '23

Keren Goor '23 is studying Philosophy and Political Science and is a 2021-22 Hackworth Fellow at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Views are her own.

College is a time when young adults shape their ideologies and opinions that might stick with them throughout their lifetime. As an Israeli student at Santa Clara University, I was troubled by the conversations occurring online during the most recent major escalation between Israelis and Palestinians, Operation Protective Edge, in May 2021. For my Hackworth Fellowship project, I decided to speak to an Israeli student, a Palestinian student, a social media influencer, and a professor who teaches politics in the Middle East, since people in their positions are viewed by college students as the four most credible sources of information and knowledge about the conflict. I asked them all, do Israeli and Palestinian students have a duty to post and share information on social media? And, what (if anything) should non-Israeli or non-Palestinian students do in order to be involved in a constructive way? 

Conflict and Conversation on Social Media Through the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Learn more about the project, listen to the six podcast episodes, and find related resources about conflict and conversation on social media through the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. 

View video of Keren discussing her project.


About Keren Goor

"Keren Goor '23 is studying Philosophy and Political Science. Growing up in Israel sparked her interest in Internet Ethics because she has been exposed to the power and impact that the Internet has on controversies, and how controversies can easily deteriorate through the Internet if companies do not invest enough in supervision. As a Hackworth fellow, she hopes she can use her platform as an opportunity to have difficult conversations, and explore what kind of supervision should social media companies strive to have in order to protect the public as much as possible. She is also part of the SCU women's soccer team, she enjoys reading, and spending time outdoors." 


Jun 30, 2022

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