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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Malia Gibbs

Malia Gibbs ’24 talks about what justice-oriented foreign policy looks like for the United States' relationship with Yemen, a nation facing a terrible humanitarian crisis. She dives deep into the Judicial System in Yemen and explains the effects of the foreign policies. 

Malia Gibbs Showcase Slide

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About Malia Gibbs

Malia Gibbs '24 is a Political Science and Management student with minors in International Studies and Professional Writing. Her research within the Government Ethics program are about domestic voter disenfranchisement and alternatives to a two party system to support our current electorate’s needs. Internationally she am interested in the democratic prospects of countries that participated in the Arab Spring, particularly Yemen’s. She have always been interested in the discrepancies between the desire for self governance and the actualization of citizen representation in government systems. She is involved with several on-campus organizations including TEDxSCU, the Black Business Association, and QPOCA.

Jun 13, 2023

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