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Quinn Gilman

Markus Spiske/Unsplash

Quinn Gilman '23, a 2022-23 business ethics intern with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics had the valuable opportunity to intern with Marvell Technology during the summer of 2022. With a strong passion for technology and a desire to gain practical experience in the industry, Quinn eagerly embraced the chance to contribute to Marvell's innovative work.Quinn Gilman Showcase Slide

Access the video of Quinn's Showcase presentation.


About Quinn Gilman

Quinn Gilman is a business ethics/esg intern with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and a senior at Santa Clara University.

Quinn Gilman ’23 was a philosophy major with a minor in political science. Gilman plans to travel and work and late plans to attend law school. Quinn first became interested in business ethics while writing a report on Enron in high school, and became more interested in it after taking a class on Cicero in the fall of 2021 that focused on the practical application of ethics. Quinn interned in with Marvell Technology, a semiconductor company about 15 minutes away from Santa Clara’s campus during summer, 2022. Quinn’s hobbies include golf, cooking, and fishing.


May 29, 2023

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