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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Natalia Garcia

Natalia Garcia '23 studied business ethics through the creation of case studies focusing on cases impacting recent graduates/young professionals, with the intent to benefit other graduates as they transition smoothly from college studies to the workplace. 

Natalia Garcia Showcase Slide

Access the video of Natalia's Showcase presentation 


Business Ethics Case Studies:

  1. A High-Stakes Deal for a Young Senior Vice President

  2. Ethics, Gifts, and Education: Managing Conflicting Interests

  3. Navigating the Complexities of Family and Business

  4. Philanthropy, Corruption, and Dave’s Volunteer Journey in the Dominican Republic

  5. Balancing Culture and Ethics

  6. Truth, Friendship, and Ethical Responsibility in the Workplace

  7. Speak Up or Stay Silent: A New Employee Confronts Strange Sales Reports 



About Natalia Garcia

Natalia Garcia '23 graduated with a major in economics and minor in International Business, and is passionate about research concerning business ethics! Natalia was a 2022-23 Hackworth Fellow with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Garcia is from Portland, Oregon, and in her free time she enjoys skiing and backpacking in the Pacific Northwest. 






Jun 14, 2023

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