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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Sean Grame

Sean Grame ’24 along with, Callie O’Neill ‘23, Kailyn Pedersen ’23, and Nnenna Uche ’23 studied and created a set of guidelines for using generative AI. With the increasing use of ChatGPT, people have to consider the ethics behind using this powerful algorithm.

Nnenna Uche & Sean Grame Showcase Slide

Access the video of Sean's Showcase presentation.

Read more about Grame's work on Guidelines for Students on the Ethical Use of Generative AI.


About Sean Grame


Sean Grame '24 is studying Information Systems and analytics with a minor in economics and was a 2022-23 Hackworth Fellow with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Grame worked to improve Santa Clara’s campus in a meaningful way through an ethical lens as part of the Campus Ethics group comprised within the fellowship team. 


May 29, 2023

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