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Yuvraj Rao

Yuvraj Rao '23 explored IKEA's effort to fight against child labor in their supply chain (particularly in India) to help understand the importance of supply chain management and provide a framework for companies. 

Yuvraj Rao Showcase Slide

Access the video of Yuvraj's Showcase presentation.

Explore Rao's expanded business ethics case study relating to IKEA and child labor practices.

Explore other business ethics case studies compiled by Rao and other Hackworth Fellow collaborators. 


About Yuvraj Rao ‘23

Yuvraj Rao – A 2022-23 Hackworth Fellow with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Yuvraj Rao '23, a 2022-23 Hackworth Fellow at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics graduated with a marketing major and entrepreneurship minor from Santa Clara University. Yuvraj worked during his fellowship to develop case studies for business ethics. Outside of school, Yuvraj plays tennis and basketball and enjoys watching movies and swimming. 



May 29, 2023

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