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Faculty Senate Professor Award

Since 1990 the faculty has honored one of our colleagues as the Faculty Senate Professor of the year.  The award is recognition of a colleague by her or his peers for outstanding professional achievement during a significant period of time as a faculty member at Santa Clara. In addition to the accolades, the winner each year receives a one-course reduction in teaching load and a $2500 stipend.

We have a fairly simple process for nominating. Review the Faculty Senate Professor Award criteria. Compose a one-page letter of nomination for the selection committee and send it along with the most recent curriculum vitae of your nominee. Everyone wins in this process. Your nomination will honor the candidate, whatever the outcome. You have a chance to say a personal thanks to a colleague you admire, and your letter will inform the campus of achievements that might otherwise get overlooked.


The Faculty Senate Professor Award was initiated in 1990 to provide the faculty with an opportunity to recognize and honor one of our colleagues. The award is presented at the annual Faculty Recognition event held in the fall quarter.

It was the unanimous opinion of the 2001 Selection Committee that the nomination and selection procedures be modified to allow a three-year window over which nominations would be considered. A significant amount of effort is required to prepare a nomination, and the number of nominations is somewhat uneven from year to year. This would keep a larger pool available for consideration in any one year and would be more fair to the nominees. In addition, it might encourage more nominations since there might be a more perceived return on effort when the nomination is considered over three years.

At the January 13, 2010 Faculty Senate Council meeting, a motion was passed to change the structure of the Selection Committee; that is, instead of all previous winners as members of the Committee, only the most recent winner available from Arts, Sciences, Business, Engineering, Law, and Education and Counseling Psychology would form the Selection Committee.


2019 Professor Daniel N. Ostrov

2018 Professor Patrick Hoggard

2017 Professor Sanjiv Das

2016 Professor Jerrold Shapiro

2015 Professor Ruth Davis

2014 Professor Robert Senkewicz

2013 Professor Emerita Samiha Mourad

2012 Professor Jane Curry

2011 Professor Frederick Parrella

2010 Professor Betty Young

2009 Professor Meir Statman

2008 Professor Albert Bruno

2007 Professor Barbara Molony

2006 Professor Emeritus André Delbecq

2005 Professor Timothy Healy

2004 Professor Stephen Smith

2003 Professor Diane Dreher

2002 Professor Emerita Ruth Cook

2001 Professor Hersh Shefrin

2000 Professor Emerita Helen Moritz

1999 Professor Emeritus Witold Krassowski

1998 Professor Emeritus Francisco Jimenez

1997 Professor Alexander Field

1996 Professor Emeritus Peter Pierson

1995 Professor Emeritus Dragoslav Siljak

1994 Professor Emeritus George Alexander 

1993 Professor Emerita Eleanor Willemsen

1992 Professor Emeritus Francis Duggan

1991 Professor Mario Belotti

1990 Professor Gerald Alexanderson 



1. A nominee must be a member of the Faculty Senate 2. A nominee must have a minimum of fifteen years of full-time service on the faculty at Santa Clara prior to nomination for the award
3. A nominee must have achieved distinction for teaching, scholarship, and service; for this award, these categories and their relative weights may be more freely interpreted than they are by rank and tenure committees.


1. The recipient will be announced by the President of the University and the President of the Faculty Senate at the Faculty Recognition event
2. The recipient will be known as the Faculty Senate Professor for the academic year following the award announcement
3. The recipient will receive a stipend of $2,500 and a one-course reduction in teaching load during the year of the award
4. The recipient will deliver a talk to her or his colleagues at the next annual Faculty Recognition event on a topic of general interest.


To enable the committee to give careful consideration to your nominee(s), please submit a one-page statement about the nominee that broadly outlines her or his professional achievements and describes why she or he should receive the award. Also include a copy of your nominee's most recent curriculum vitae. Nominations can be sent to the Faculty Senate office or via email to the Faculty Senate administrative assistant (


The Faculty Senate President-Elect serves as chair. The other members of the committee are the previous winners of the award.

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