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Officers and Presidents of the Faculty Senate


President Jane Curry, Political Science
President-elect Leslie Gray, Environmental Studies and Sciences
Past-President Sarah Kate Wilson, Electrical Engineering

Past Presidents

March 1967 to November 15, 1967 Peter Smith, temporary President
1967-68 Francis Duggan, English
1968-69 Aidan Gough, School of Law
1969-70 Matt Meier, History
1970-71 Theodore Gross, English
1971-72 Timothy Healy, Electrical Engineering
1972-73 Paul Goda, S. J., School of Law
1973-74 Elizabeth Moran, English
1974-75 Henry Nettesheim, Electrical Engineering
1975-76 Joseph Grassi, Religious Studies
1976-77 Carl Hayn, S. J., Physics
1977-78 William Parent, Philosophy
1978-79 Ian Murray, Mechanical Engineering
1979-80 Eleanor Willemsen, Psychology
1980-81 Paul Goda, S. J., School of Law
1981-82 Ron Lowe, Psychology
1982-83 David Logothetti, Mathematics
1983-84 James Blawie, School of Law
1984-85 Peter Pierson, History
1985-86 Francis Duggan, English
1986-87 Henry Demmert, Economics
1987-88 Frederick Parrella, Religious Studies
1988-89 Herman Levy, School of Law
1989-90 Joseph Fedock, Civil Engineering
1990-91 Helen Moritz, Classics
1991-92 James Hall, Management
1992-93 William Eisinger, Biology
1993-94 David Skinner, History
1994-95 Ruth Davis, Computer Engineering
1995-96 André Delbecq, Management
1996-97 George Alexander, School of Law
1997-98 Robert Senkewicz, History
1998-99 Jo B. Margadant, History
1999-00 Diane Dreher, English
2000-01 William Spohn, Religious Studies
2001-02 Sally Wood, Electrical Engineering
2002-03 Jane Curry, Political Science
2003-04 Simone Billings, English
2004-05 John Hawley, English
2005-06 Gary Neustadter, School of Law
2006-07 Margaret Russell, School of Law
2007-08 Catherine Montfort, Modern Languages and Literatures
2008-09 Edward Schaefer, Mathematics and Computer Science
2009-10 Ruth Davis, Computer Engineering
2010-11 Philip Boo Riley, Religious Studies
2011-12 William Greenwalt, Classics
2012-13 Barbara Molony, History
2013-February 2014 Juliana Chang, English
February 2014 Barbara Molony, History, Interim President
2014-15 James Lai, Ethnic Studies
2015-16 Robert Numan, Psychology
2016-17 Diane Dreher, English
2018-19 William Sundstrom, Economics

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