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Student learning takes many forms

Office of Assessment

Our goal is to guide assessment at Santa Clara University with a focus on the improvement of student learning.

The Office of Assessment:
  • Collaborates with faculty, staff, students, and administrators to develop meaningful assessment of student learning
  • Assists programs in all stages of the assessment process
  • Helps develop manageable and meaningful assessment processes
  • Communicates evidence of student learning and development
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How Do We Guide Assessment?

"Alignment is not a steady state, or a task to be completed and set aside. It is an ongoing process that must be woven into the institutional culture—in the ways people talk with one another, the practice of faculty and students in the classroom, the design of assignments, and the policies and processes that guide curricular development and the assessment of student learning outcomes. It takes patience, persistence, leadership, and broad engagement. And above all, it takes a relentless focus on student learning. "
-Pat Hutchings, 2016