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University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) is a working group composed of faculty, staff, and administrators.

The principal functions of the committee are to identify ways of supporting campus efforts in meaningful and sustainable assessment of student learning, to consult with members of the campus community about assessment practices, and to advise the university on assessment-related processes.

2023-24 Committee Members

UAC members represent the various Schools and departments across Santa Clara University

Divya Bheda, Chair Educational Assessment  
Kyle Amore Educational Assessment  
Andrea Brewster Educational Assessment  
Marco Bravo School of Education and Counseling Psychology  
Ruth Davis School of Engineering  
Laura Doyle School of Engineering  
Laura Dunn Jesuit School of Theology  
Sandee Magliozzi School of Law  
Bill Mains Leavey School of Business  
Mike Nuttall Division of Mission and Ministry  
Ray Plaza Office of Diversity and Inclusion  
Conor Roycroft Institutional Research  
Kat Saxton College of Arts and Sciences  
Melanie Sellar University Library