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Bronco Assessment Student Ambassadors

The Bronco Assessment Student Ambassadors (BASA) are a team of students who work collaboratively with each other and the Educational Assessment faculty and staff to support projects that help the University understand and improve the effectiveness of student experience programming. BASA will participate in equitable and culturally sensitive data collection, analysis of data, and sharing of findings from assessment projects. BASA will work with campus partners (e.g., Student Life, Ignatian Center, Office of Multicultural Learning, academic programs) and will also contribute to the assessment of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) efforts on campus. 

Bronco Assessment Student Ambassadors: Involving Students in SCU

Bronco Assessment Student Ambassadors (BASA): What Do We Do?

BASA inaugural team (2022-2023) Left to right— Jordan, Shubhaan, Varsha, Rianna, and Tomisin