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Intellectual Property

The University patent and copyright policies appear in section 3.7.5 and 3.7.6 of the Faculty Handbook. Details on all procedures related to patents and inventions can be requested from our Program Associate for Research and Faculty Affairs,, (408) 554-2746.

Authors Rights

Santa Clara is committed to academic freedom and supports efforts to ensure broad, public access to scholarly work.  To this end, SCU has prepared an Author's Addendum that can be submitted to a publisher when an article, book review, research report or other scholarly work is submitted for publication.  If you have questions regarding this agreement, please contact the Senior Associate Provost for Research Initiatives. The SCU Author’s Addendum has been adapted from materials prepared by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (Click Here) and the University of Michigan author's rights documents (Click Here).

Brief Invention Disclosure Process

Faculty who have a potentially patentable discovery or invention should first review the University policy.  The faculty member should then complete an Invention Disclosure Form and submit the form to the Senior Associate Provost for Research Initiatives.  The University has an agreement with the Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing (Click Here) (SU-OTL).  The Senior Associate Provost will work with the faculty member and the SU-OTL to initiate the patent review process.  If the discovery or invention is determined to meet the criteria for pursuing a patent (see SU-OTL website), SU-OTL will work with the faculty member to pursue a patent.  Title, fees and royalties will be handled as described in the University patent policy.  For more details, please see: Patent and Inventions Policy and Procedures

Invention and Patent Policy

Copyright Policy and Ownership