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Evaluation, Reappointment & Promotion


Faculty Handbook 3.3 describes the standards and processes for the periodic evaluation of faculty. Periods of review and forms for FAR may differ by rank and school, but the following University forms are used for the review of Academic Year Adjunct Lecturers, required at least every three years of continuous service and, for Adjunct Lecturers on multi-year contracts, prior to reappointment:

Interfolio Guides

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Uploading Activities & Course Materials
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Submitting Your FAR



Faculty in all schools and departments have an Interfolio account, accessible from the Interfolio tile on your MySCU single-sign-on portal. This account is accessible to you 24/7/365, so that you can upload and update your materials incrementally.

For processes and departments that use Interfolio for review, the Provost's Office builds a "case" from your uploaded materials about a month before your process deadline, pulling in materials from the relevant period automatically. You have the month to review your system-generated vita and packet, to be sure that it captures the correct materials and presents them in a way that best showcases your work.

Interfolio guides for candidates and reviewers are linked at each process below. Here are guides to general processes. For videos, click on the four-corner (full-screen) icon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnails below to enlarge:


Uploading Activities & Course Materials

Our Interfolio page has user guides for all processes, FAQs, and information about the choice of Faculty180/Interfolio.

All departments and schools use Interfolio for certain processes:

  • Lecturer Reappointment
  • Promotion to Senior Lecturer
  • MPR

Several departments and schools have been piloting the use of Interfolio's Faculty180 module for FAR Reports for the past several years, with a plan to extend the use to all departments for FARs in AY23-24:

   SchoolDepartments      SchoolDepartments
  Arts & Sciences Anthropology
Environmental Studies
  Engineering Applied Math
Civil, Environmental & Sustainable Engineering
General Engineering
  Business All departments   JST All faculty
  ECP Both departments   Law


As noted in the Guidelines for Evaluation of Teaching and this email from the Provost, Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) scores provide a limited view of instructor effectiveness in the classroom. For example, SET scores do not necessarily capture instructors' implementation of innovative pedagogy or their commitment to professional development. In order to gain a holistic view of teaching, evaluation should be grounded in multiple forms of data, such as observations by faculty colleagues, syllabus review, and students' growth over time in their assignments and assessments. 

Guidelines for Evaluation of Teaching in 2019-2020

Winter/Spring 2020 Set Data

SET Frequently Asked Questions (updated May 2015)

Approved SET Instrument (effective Fall 2014)




Interfolio Guides

To expand the viewing window for a video, click on the four-corner (full-screen) icon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnails below.

Reviewing Vita & Packet

Submitting Your Packet

Department Review & Manager Submission
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Dean Review of Vita & Packet
  • SL Promotion School Committee Guide
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[video to be posted by 10.25.22]
School Committee Review of Vita & Packet

The Faculty Senate elects faculty to serve on school and university rank and tenure committees (Faculty Handbook 2.11.1,,, Appendix A Supplement) and school committees on promotion to senior lecturer (FH, 3.4A.2.3, Appendix A Supplement).

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

SET Reports are emailed to faculty soon after each term concludes. We recommend that you upload your SET reports to the related course sections in Faculty180 when you receive them each term. If you lose the emailed reports, you can download your reports from, but the online version will not have any narrative comments the students might have added.

SET Instrument

SET graphic