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Provost's Office Directory

The Provost works to enhance the intellectual vibrancy of the faculty, student body, staff, and curriculum by providing leadership in matters related to:

Academic Programs and Support - Diversity and Inclusion - Faculty Affairs - Governance - Information Services - Global Engagement - Planning - Provost's Office - Research Support - Student Life


Provost's Office  

The Office of the Provost staff support the Provost in all aspects of University leadership.  
Interim Provost Lisa Kloppenberg (408)554-4533
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Elsa Chen  (408)554-7055 
Special Assistant to the Provost Diane Jonte-Pace (408)554-4751
Executive Assisant to the Interim Provost & Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Chris Changras (408)554-4533
Administrative Associate Pandora del Carmen (408)554-7034
Communications and Strategic Initiatives Teresa D. Kopriva (408) 551-7161 
Finance and Administration Soniya Patel (408) 554-6962  
Vice Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectivness Ed Ryan (408) 554-5182
Website Chris Changras  
Pandora del Carmen
(408) 554-4533   
(408) 554-7034 


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Academic Programs and Support

The Provost ensures the University continues its tradition of excellence in Jesuit education and educating leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion.

Academic Integrity Matthew Duncan (408) 554-4583 
Advising and Learning Resources (Drahmann Center) Kathryn Palmieri (408) 554-4318
Core Curriculum Katharine Heintz (408)551-3332
Experiential Learning for Social Justice (ELSJ) Andrea Brewster (408) 554-2148
Fellowships Naomi Levy (408) 554-6848
Graduate Programs Council Ed Ryan (408) 554-5182
Honors Program Naomi Andrews (408) 554-4988
HUB Writing Center Denise Krane (408) 554-4127
Johnson Scholars Amy Shachter (408) 551-7041
LEAD Scholars (first generation students) Erin Kimura-Walsh (408) 554-2129  
Registrar Duane Voigt (408) 554-4331 
Undergraduate Studies Jim Bennett (408) 551-1910
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Diversity and Inclusion

The Provost works to promote academic excellence by fostering a diverse and inclusive campus climate.

Diversity and Inclusion Margaret Russell
Raymond Plaza
(408) 551-3383
Diversity and Identity Abroad, Global Diversity Susan Popko (408) 551­-7072   
Multicultural Learning Christina M. Guzmán (408) 554-4926 
Women of Color Network Eileen Razzari Elrod (408) 554-4136
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Faculty Affairs

The Provost supports faculty and provides them with resources to continue their development in their scholarship and engagement with students.

Faculty Affairs Laurene Skinner (408) 554-4774    
Faculty Development Eileen Razzari Elrod (408) 554-4136
Faculty Senate Katie Wilson
Senate President (408) 554-6865
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The Provost oversees University governance to strengthen academic excellence and elevate the University's vision, mission, and values.

Academic Affairs University Policy Committee Elsa Chen (408) 551-7055  
Faculty Affairs University Policy Committee Amy Shachter (408) 551-7041
Student Affairs University Policy Committee Jeanne Rosenberger (408) 554-4366
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Information Services

Information Services supports the University community in their use of technology and information resources.

Information Services Bob Owen (408) 554-4774
Academic Technology Nancy Cutler (408) 554-4915
Information Technology Rian Aldridge (408) 551-3615
Library Jennifer Nutefall (408) 554-6829
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Global Engagement

Global Engagement helps the University community engage in global programs and initiatives.

International Partnerships and Programs Susan Popko (408) 551-7072
International Visiting Scholars and Students Susan Popko (408) 551-7072  
Study Abroad Andrea Muilenburg (408) 551-1959
University International Travel Policy and Procedure Susan Popko
Wade Peng
(408) 551-7072   
(408) 551-3085
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The Provost works to continuously improve institutional effectiveness and student learning through planning and assessment of academic programs.

Academic Planning Ed Ryan   
Suzanne Dancer
(408) 554-5182   
(408) 551-7033
Accreditation and Program Review Ed Ryan (408) 554-5182  
Assessment Christine Bachen (408) 551-3298
Institutional Research Barbara Stewart (408) 554-4396
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Research Support

The Provost provides support for faculty and students in their pursuit of groundbreaking research.

Research Compliance and Integrity Esther Pham (408) 554-5591            
Research Initiatives, Internal Grants and Patents  Amy Shachter (408) 551-7041  
Sponsored Projects and External Grants Mary-Ellen Fortini (408) 554-4806
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Student Life

The Provost seeks to enhance the wellbeing and growth of students through a supportive and respectful campus community.

Student Involvement Tedd Vanadilok (408) 554-5423
Career Center Rose Nakamoto (408) 554-4421
Health & Wellness Jill Rovaris (408) 554-4501
Residence Life Heather Dumas-Dyer (408) 554-4900
Residential Learning Communities (RLCs)  Phil Kesten (408) 554-4366
Student Conduct and Welfare Mathew Duncan (408) 554-4583
Student Life Jeanne Rosenberger (408) 554-4366
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