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Recruitment & Appointment

Policies governing faculty recruitment and appointment may be found in Faculty Handbook 3.2. This page provides additional resources for recruitment and appointment procedures and administrative assignments. For reappointment procedures, see the Evaluation and Promotion section.

Regular Appointment Types

General Timeline

(a detailed timeline is available at Faculty Appointment Procedures & Process Timeline)

Position Step Date Due FH § Relevant Links
Quarterly / Semester Adjunct Lecturer Dean's Office initiates search, generates appointment letter (Provost template), completes Workday steps (see QSAL Contract Dates, QSAL Class Cancellation Policy) Ongoing   QSAL Search Procedures

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer Dean determines appropriate number of AY fixed-term faculty, initiates search, department conducts search, dean generates offer letter (Provost template) Oct–Apr AYAL Search Procedures

  Provost generates letter of appointment; then Provost and Dean's Office complete Workday steps Apr–Jun, Jul–Aug    
Lecturer & Tenure-Track  Provost sends list of anticipated vacant lines to dean  Feb University Policy (TT) 
  Dean returns list of proposed faculty searches with supporting justification  Mar    
  Provost confirms approved searches Apr    
  Searches commence and conclude; offer letters signed and returned Oct–Apr    
  Provost generates letter of appointment, then Provost and Dean's Office complete Workday steps Apr–May, Jul–Aug     

The College of Arts & Sciences has developed additional procedures for the hiring of faculty of all ranks; see their Protocols and Procedures, chapter 1.

The School of Law has its own Procedures and Standards for the Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of Renewable-Term Faculty.


Workday guides are available for all recruitment, hiring, onboarding and termination processes.

Health, mental health, retirement, education, disability, worker's comp and life insurance, and flexible spending benefits differ by faculty rank and by school: 


Other Appointment Types & Assignments

Joint Appointment, Courtesy Appointment, Teaching across Schools - Definitions

Courtesy & Joint Appointments
Teaching Assignments and Template Agreements