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Core Curriculum


Pathways supplement the Core Curriculum and prepare students for intelligent, responsible and creative citizenship.

As of December 2022, students no longer have to write a Pathway essay to complete their Undergraduate Core requirements at SCU. This update goes into effect immediately, including for those who petitioned to graduate in Fall 2022.

This change will not affect the courses you have taken or are planning to take, as the Pathway course requirement has not changed and is still in effect.

For more information, read the full update.

Pathways, clusters of courses with a common theme, promote integrative and intentional learning. More specifically, they cultivate the ability to make intentional and reflective educational choices, to study a theme from a number of disciplinary or methodological perspectives, and to perceive connections and relationships among ideas.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  1. demonstrate intentional learning by choosing a Pathway of interest.
  2. create opportunities for integrative learning by choosing courses within the Pathway that represent multiple disciplines–either between their major and another discipline(s), or across multiple disciplines independently of their major.

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Guidelines for completing your Pathway and what you should expect to complete each year at SCU.

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Learn which courses fulfill each pathway.

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FAQs on completing your pathway.