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Core Curriculum


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Students can use courses required for their major provided that they follow the general Pathway requirement of no more than two courses in the same subject.

No. Some courses will be appropriate for more than one Pathway, but students will complete only one Pathway.

There is no limit to how many courses you may take in a major for pathways if your major is interdisciplinary, BUT a maximum of 2 courses in a single subject (for example ENGL, RSOC, CHEM, etc) may be taken for credit towards your Pathway course requirement.

As cross-listed courses are listed in multiple subject areas, these courses are exempt from the two course rule. Courses that are inherently interdisciplinary such as courses in: ENVS, ETHN, CHST, PHSC, and WGST are also exempt from the two course rule.

Yes. However, you may apply no more than one study abroad course toward your pathway.

No.  All courses for your Pathway must be taken while enrolled at SCU.