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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider your audience carefully. Imagine your reader is someone who values multidisciplinary thinking but is not an expert on your topic and may not be familiar with the particular Pathway, courses, issue, approaches in your analysis.  Pathway readers are, in fact, faculty members from a variety of departments across campus.

Yes. Students can use courses required for their major provided that they follow the general Pathway requirement of no more than two courses in the same subject.

No. The Pathway reflection essay can only be submitted after students complete 100 units. Only one course in a Pathway may be a "Foundations" course (normally taken the first year).

No. Some courses will be appropriate for more than one Pathway, but students will complete only one Pathway.

You may find it useful to look at the Pathway requirement as two pieces:

1) Completing the necessary number of courses/units. Arts & Sciences and Business students will normally take four courses (at least 16 units). For students in the School of Engineering and Transfer students who transferred in 44 or more units, three courses (at least 12 units) are required. Courses/units counting towards the Pathway are monitored/verified through the degree audit, accessible via ecampus. 

2) Writing a 750-1000 word essay addressing the prompt that demonstrates your ability to connect learning in the completed courses with the theme of the Pathway.  Upload the essay on Portfolium. 

Your essay will be evaluated by a faculty reader and you will be notified of your score on the three rubric categories. If you do not earn a pass or exemplary pass on all three categories of the rubric, you will be required to revise and resubmit.

*Please note the degree audit identifies the first three-to-four courses completed in the declared Pathway. Additional courses completed will not be identified on the degree audit, but students may choose to write about learning in these Pathway courses by noting them in their essay. 

Declare your Pathway through ecampus. If you need to change your Pathway, please email the registrar's office following these instructions

There is no limit to how many courses you may take in a major for pathways if your major is interdisciplinary, BUT a maximum of 2 courses in a single subject (for example ENGL, RSOC, CHEM, etc) may be taken for credit towards your Pathway course requirement.

As cross-listed courses are listed in multiple subject areas, these courses are exempt from the two course rule. Courses that are inherently interdisciplinary such as courses in: ENVS, ETHN, CHST, PHSC, and WGST are also exempt from the two course rule.

Yes. However, you may apply no more than one study abroad course toward your pathway.

The Hub has writing partners who will review drafts of Pathway essays or talk with you as you're getting started. 

No.  All courses for your Pathway must be taken while enrolled at SCU.

Yes, you can write your essay with ONE course left to complete.

Yes. Although only the minimum number of courses and units necessary to complete your Pathway will appear on your degree audit, your Pathway reflection essay may reference additional courses that you have taken and that are approved for your Pathway.