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Core Curriculum

Faculty Resources

These resources will help you learn more about SCU's Core Curriculum.

Familiarity with the Core's learning goals and objectives will enhance your course design and facilitate academic advising. For deadlines please review the 

Preparing and Submitting a Core Syllabus 

Learn how to design courses for the Core Curriculum, and create and submit comprehensive syllabi utilizing best practices.

Faculty Core Committees

Fifteen Faculty Core Committees (FCCs) are responsible for reviewing course syllabi which are submitted by faculty to meet specific Core requirements. Thus, faculty shape the Core Curriculum through the exchange of ideas and their interpretation of learning goals and objectives.

Rubrics, Reports, and Guidelines

Course guidelines provide faculty with information to empower strong course development by creating assignments that assess principles of each Core area and as well as how to submit syllabi for Core area courses. Faculty can also view the current rubric for the assessment of student learning and assessment reports for each Core area. 

Syllabus Submission Deadlines
For courses scheduled for Spring 2024: Wednesday, January 17, 2024
For courses scheduled for Fall 2024: Wednesday April 10, 2024
For courses scheduled for Winter 2025: Wednesday, September 25, 2024

Syllabi submitted after the submission deadlines might not be reviewed until the next review cycle.