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Core Curriculum


Fifteen Faculty Core Committees (FCCs) are responsible for reviewing course syllabi which are submitted by faculty to meet specific Core requirements. Thus, faculty shape the Core Curriculum through the exchange of ideas and their interpretation of learning goals and objectives.

Committee Responsibilities: 

Faculty Core Committees are responsible for:

  • supporting curriculum development for the Core area
  • reviewing proposals for syllabus approval
  • reporting results of the reviews to the Office of Undergraduate Studies
    • provide recommendations for revise & resubmits
    • provide rational for rejections
  • working with the Office of Assessment as needed:
    • provide disciplinary expertise for the Director of Assessment as she develops scoring rubrics and/or surveys related to learning in the Core area
    • reflect and comment on assessment reports related to student learning in the Core area.
2020-2021 Core Curriculum Committee Members
Katharine Heintz Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer, Communication Department
James Bennett Director of the Core Curriculum, Chair of the Core Curriculum Committee and Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Philip Kesten Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Physics
Christine Bachen Director of Assessment and Associate Professor of Communication
Kathleen Villarruel Schneider Senior Assistant Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences
Michael Lasley Lecturer, Department of English
Laurie Poe Senior Lecturer, Mathematics and Computer Science Department


Faculty Core Committees

  • Carolynn Roncaglia, chair, Classics (term ends 6/2022)
  • Harry Odamtten, History (term ends 6/2023)
  • Andy Garavel, S.J., English (term ends 6/2022)
  • Jeffrey Bracco, Theatre and Dance (term ends 6/2022)
  • Mythri Jegathesan, Anthropology (term ends 6/2022)
  • Greg Corning, chair, Political Science (term ends 6/2023)
  • Susan Popko, Global Engagement (by appointment)
  • Barbara Molony, History (term ends 06/2021)
  • Sunwolf, Communication (term ends 6/2023)
  • Kieran Sullivan, Psychology (term ends 6/2023)
  • Robert Michalski, chair, English (by appointment)
  • Aparajita Nanda, English (term ends 06/2023)
  • Kathleen Maxwell, Art & Art History (term ends 06/2021)
  • Julia Voss, English (sabbatical 20-21 academic year; term ends 6/2022)
  • Thomas Turley, History (term ends 6/2022)
  • Melanie Sellar (librarian, by appointment, term ends 6/2022)
  • Mark Fusco, S.J., chair, Religious Studies (sabbatical Spring 2021; term ends 6/2022)
  • Teresia Hinga, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2023)
  • Sreela Sarkar, Communication (sabbatical Winter and Spring 2021; term ends 6/2022)
  • Andrew Keener, English (term ends 6/2022)
  • Pearl Barros, Religious Studies (term ends 6/2023)
  • Glenn Appleby, chair, Math & Computer Science (term ends 06/2021)
  • Laurie Poe, Math & Computer Science (sabbatical Winter 2021; term ends 6/2022)
  • Hari Mix, Environmental Studies & Sciences (term ends 6/2022)
  • Daniel Turkeltaub, chair, Classics (term ends 06/2021)
  • Jose Ortigas, Modern Languages & Literatures (term ends 6/2022)
  • Irene Bubula-Phillips, Modern Languages & Literatures (term ends 6/2022)
  • Christopher Kulp, chair, Philosophy (term ends 06/2023)
  • David DeCosse, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (by appointment)
  • Robert Shanklin, Philosophy (term ends 06/2023)
  • Rohit Chopra, Communication (term ends 06/2021)
  • Scott LeBarge, Philosophy (term ends 6/2022)
  • Damian Park, Economics (term ends 6/2022)
  • Michelle Bezanson, chair, Anthropology (term ends 06/2021)
  • Brian Thorstenson, Theater and Dance (term ends 06/2023)
  • Ryan Reynolds, Art and Art History (term ends 6/2022)
  • Stephen Carroll, English (term ends 06/2023)
  • Christina Zanfagna, Music (term ends 06/2023)
  • Sharmila Lodhia, co-chair, Women's and Gender Studies (by appointment) 
  • Anna Sampaio, co-chair, Ethnic Studies (by appointment)
  • Jimia Boutouba, Modern Languages & Literatures (term ends 6/2023)
  • Thomas Plante, Psychology (term ends 06/2023)
  • Allia Griffin, Ethnic Studies (term ends 6/2022)
  • Cary Yang, Engineering (term ends 6/2022)
  • Brian McNelis, chair, Chemistry & Biochemistry (term ends 6/2022)
  • Daniel Ostrov, Math and Computer Science (term ends 06/2023)
  • Craig Stephens, Biology and Public Health Science (sabbatical Spring 2021; term ends 06/2021)
  • Richard Barber, Physics (term ends 06/2021)
  • Stephanie Hughes, Environmental Studies & Sciences (term ends 6/2022)
  • Chris Bacon, co-chair, Environmental Studies and Sciences (Research releases Fall 2020 & sabbatical Spring 2021; term ends 06/2021)
  • Anne Baker, co-chair, Political Science (term ends 6/2022)
  • Robin Nelson, Anthropology (term ends 6/2022)
  • Linda Kamas, Economics (term ends 6/2022)
  • Laura Nichols, chair, Sociology (term ends 6/2022)
  • Amy Lueck, English (term ends 6/2022)
  • Brian Buckley, Philosophy (term ends 6/2022)
  • Alexander Field, Economics (term ends 6/2022)
  • Christelle Sabatier, chair, Biology (term ends 06/2021)
  • Sukhmander Singh, Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering (term ends 06/2023)
  • Michael Carrasco, Chemistry & Biochemistry (term ends 06/2021)
  • Steve Chiappari, Applied Mathematics (term end 6/2022)
  • Erick Ramirez, Philosophy (sabbatical Fall 2020; term ends 6/2022)

  • Michael Lasley, chair, English (term ends 6/2022)
  • Drazen Fabris, Mechanical Engineering (term ends 06/2023)
  • Andrea Brewster, ex officio, Undergraduate Studies (by appointment)
  • Jennifer Merritt, ex officio, Ignatian Center (by appointment)
  • Matt Bell, Psychology (term ends 06/2021)
  • Thuy Lan Nguyen, Economics (term ends 6/2022)
  • Aleksander Zecevic, Electrical and Computer Engineering (term ends 06/2023)
  • Christine Bachen, Communication (by appointment)
  • William Sundstrom, Economics (Sabbatical 2019-2020; term ends 06/2021)
  • Ed Schaefer, Math & Computer Science (term ends 06/2021)
  • Cruz Medina, English (term ends 6/2022)
  • Andrew Ishak, Communication (term ends /2022)