Department ofPolitical Science



Graduating seniors must submit a Pre-Graduation Evaluation to the Political Science office (Vari 230) before the applicable deadline listed below. Please complete the following steps:

1) Submit the Pre-Graduation Evaluation form to Vari 230

  • Pick up a Pre-Graduation Evaluation form in our office.
  • Fill out only the biographical information at the top of the form and your intended graduation date. The audit of your progress in meeting University, Core, and Major requirements will be completed by the department.

2) Complete the Online Political Science Department Survey

  • Once the evaluation has been signed by the department chair, you will be notified via email to pick up the form. The email will also provide a link to the Political Science Department Exit Survey
  • Once you have completed the survey, you should return to the department office to pick up the signed Pre-Graduation Evaluation

3) Submit the signed Pre-Graduation Evaluation to the One Stop Office

  • Take the signed form to the One Stop Office located on the first floor of the Admissions and Enrollment building. Once you have submitted the form, you should consider the process complete unless you hear otherwise from the Office of the Registrar.


Expected Grad Date
Pre-Graduation Evaluation 
due to Political Science
(Vari 230)
Pre-Graduation Evaluation
due to the registrar
(One Stop Office)

December 2018

September 21, 2018 October 5, 2018

March 2019

January 11, 2019 January 25, 2019

June 2019

February 1, 2019 February 22, 2019

*If you have a second or third major, you must check with the other department(s) regarding their graduation petition process.

**If you are interested in seeking a double degree, you must contact the Drahmann Center to:       (a) schedule an appointment with a Drahmann advisor and (b) obtain approval from the Drahmann Center dean.