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Academic Progress Report

You are personally responsible for knowing all the academic regulations affecting your program of study and for completing all degree requirements as set forth by the University, your College or School, and academic department(s). Failure to understand these regulations and requirements does not relieve you of this responsibility.

The Academic Progress Report is an unofficial advising report designed to assist you in tracking your degree progress. University Core, College/School Core, major, and minor requirements are based upon the bulletin in effect when you entered SCU.

Please click here to find a video on how to view your academic progress report.

If you have been given a requirement exception, substitution or waiver that does not appear on your Academic Progress Report, contact the department or Core Director to initiate the process in Workday. IF YOU BELIEVE THERE ARE ERRORS IN YOUR Academic Progress Report, please contact your college/school or program.


What is the Academic Progress Report?

The Academic Progress Report is an unofficial advising tool for students and their advisors. It lists all requirements that you are required to complete under your current program of study. This includes:

  • Undergraduate University Core Curriculum Requirements (including total units, total upper division units, and cumulative GPA)
  • Graduate Program Requirements
  • College/School Requirements
  • Major and Minor Requirements (including your GPA for the major and minor)
  • A list of courses that are not used for degree requirement (Unused Registrations)

**Please note: Not all graduate programs have a Academic Progress Report. Please contact your department for more information.**


Where can I find my Academic Progress Report? Please check the “View My Academic Progress” guide on the training website's Advising section.

Academic Progress Report Breakdown:

APR Major, Minor, Pathways

APR Univ, Core, Major

APR Header RowsAPR Filter


Department or Core Curriculum course substitutions, waivers and exceptions

Substitutions, waivers, and exceptions on the Academic Progress Report require initiation in Workday by the department or Core Curriculum Committee. If any granted exception, substitution, or waiver is missing, please contact the department or Committee Chairperson to begin the process.