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On-Campus Employment

What is On Campus Employment?

On-Campus employment is when a student is employed by SCU or a a company that provides services directly to students on campus such as Bon Appétit (the university's catering company) or Barnes & Noble (the company that manages our book store).

Do I need permission to work on campus?

F-1 international students do not require written permission from ISS to begin working on campus. Legally, F-1 international students are allowed to begin work on campus as soon as they arrive in the U.S. (even if they do not yet have an SSN), however SCU Human Resources requires international students to have proof that their SSN is being processed (receipt from the Social Security Administration) before they complete the employment paperwork, start employment and begin getting paid.

J-1 Exchange Visitors require written permission to work on or off campus.

Limitations for On Campus Employment

SCU Human Resources limits all on campus student employment to 19 hours per week during the school year. During breaks, SCU Human Resources allows students to work full time.

How Common is On Campus Employment?

While many students do have on campus jobs during their time at SCU, on campus employment is not guaranteed and positions (especially administrative, research and grader positions) are very competitive.

Where To Find On Campus Employment

On campus employment is generally advertised using Workday. Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant and Grader positions are usually managed by the faculty supervisor or department administrative assistant.