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Career Center

Lauren Eng

Class of 2016, Accounting

“The Career Center helped me establish a professional resume and LinkedIn as a first-year. In a competitive job market, this was essential to setting me apart from other applicants. As a result of the services provided by the Career Center, I got an internship in Shanghai and with one of the Big 4 accounting firms.”

Gabe Marcus

Class of 2015, Economics

“I was able to work with the team to craft a highly-targeted, immaculately written resume that caught the eye of nearly every recruiter I spoke with. In addition, I had ample help/advice with salary negotiation/questions that really made me feel like I was making the best and most intelligent decision for ME when accepting my first job out of college.”

Levi Strauss and Company

"SCU students are passionate and eager to learn and grow. SCU does a great job of teaching the ‘soft skills’ and interpersonal skills needed to be successful beyond school."