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Career Center, Santa Clara University

With passion, purpose, and skills, our grads are ready for work

Graduate Outcomes

Who hires SCU Grads?

SCU students & alums are in demand! More than 6,000 employers recruit SCU students each year via our Career Center programs and job board, including: 

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SCU grads come to us polished and well educated. SCU students really get the team work aspect, they are always willing to lend a hand.

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Where our Alums are Working and Living
Login to LinkedIn to view their interactive Alumni Tool and explore where our alumni are working and living and what type of work they are doing.


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 LinkedIn Alumni Tool Filter - Where They Live

LinkedIn Alumni Tool Filter - What They Do

NOTE: Once you're logged in, use the arrow on the right side to filter by "What they studied" and explore where alums from specific majors are working. View our LinkedIn Alumni Tool Tutorial in our Job Prep Toolkit for more information about how to use this resource.  

SCU students are passionate and eager to learn and grow. SCU does a great job of teaching the ‘soft skills’ and interpersonal skills needed to be successful beyond school.

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Why do Employers Hire SCU Grads?
Because they have the experience, critical competencies, and work ethic that employers value!


Employers say our grads are ready for work, and our students agree:

89% of recent SCU graduates say they are prepared for careers

Santa Clara students have a triple advantage that truly differentiates them: academic excellence, active community engagement, and immersion in the Silicon Valley. SCU’s tradition of competence, conscience, and compassion sum up the philosophy that we believe translate to being successful at Cisco where we value quality, doing what’s right and giving back.

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Employment Outcomes

80 to 85 percent of SCU graduates secure a job within six months of graduation

For more statistics like these, click¬†here to view the full SCU Survey of Recent Graduates


SCU is ranked #23 in Princeton Review’s “Colleges that pay you back” for success in landing jobs after graduation. Check out this segment featured on the today show:

SCU ranks 12th on PayScale's list of colleges with highest salaries