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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Student Spotlight


The SCU Career Center is excited to feature students with personal stories of how they navigated their own unique career journey. This is another way for Broncos to support Broncos. We hope these student spotlight stories can inform and inspire your own career success. The Career Center is here to support you!



 headshot             Chloe Barton | Communication & Psychology Major


“When I was growing up, I wanted to be a licensed psychologist.” 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Internship: Talent Acquisition at Branch Metrics

How she found it: Handshake

Her advice for Broncos: "Be ok asking questions that you think other people may think are uninformed, because curiosity goes a long way and it’s important to be able to show other people that you are curious and have the aptitude to learn."


 Ella Blazei             Ella Blazei | 3rd Year, Finance Major & Business Analytics Minor


“Find passion within being a Bronco, because the alumni network that is present here is so strong, and it's something that should definitely be utilized.” 

Hometown: Marin County, CA

Internship: Rosendin Electric Finance Intern & Cisco Financial Analyst LIFT Program Intern

How she found it: SCU Winter Career Fair & Handshake

Her advice for Broncos: "Utilize the resources that are right in front of many adults and professionals want to help you, so be proactive, and find what you’re passionate about."


 Headshot             Victor Hilt | 4th Year, Finance Major


“My internship was a really great experience for me because it helped me learn how to navigate the corporate world and network effectively” 

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Internship: Finance Intern at Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

How he found it: Handshake

His advice for Broncos: "I set a goal for myself to do a certain number of applications a day and made it a personal daily quota to meet that, which helped me internally build a schedule around the application process." 


 Maya Rasai             Maya Rasai | 2nd Year, MIS Major and Entrepreneurship Minor


"I had the mindset that I would work at a big company...but it's good to always start at startups, and you can learn a lot from working at a smaller company"

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Internship: Marketing and Sales Representative for ParkStash

How she found it: Handshake & LinkedIn

Her advice for Broncos: It is never too early to start looking for internships and connections. Get Handshake, set up a LinkedIn profile, and see what type of roles you are interested in


              Will Cockrum | 4th Year, Computer Engineering Major



"Nobody is expected to know everything--the people who ask for help are the people who learn the most"

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Internship: Microsoft

How he found it: Santa Clara SWE Event

His advice for Broncos: If you’re just starting out in your job search, use Handshake, use VMock to work on your resume, and go to the Career Fairs...I went to a bunch of career fairs and I got pretty blunt feedback from recruiters that was really helpful because it taught me what I needed to work on


              Ryan Benavente | 4th Year, Neuroscience and Biology Major, Chemistry Minor



"Keep an open mind. You never know what you'll find"

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Internship: Fellowship at the Miller Center

How he found it: Professional Fraternity ΔΕΜ

His advice for Broncos: Before every interview I try to find what mission and values the company holds, and I try to reflect that in the way that I talk and the way that I carry myself and then I do a mock interview with a friend.


              Max Campos | 2nd Year, Finance and Political Science Major



"Growing up, I always wanted to be a corporate attorney"

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Internship: Open Door Legal in San Francisco, CA

How he found it: Handshake and LinkedIn

His advice for Broncos: Getting started is the hardest part of the job-search process -- once you get past that intimidating first step, you gain confidence in applying, interviewing, and navigating the career world.