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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Our Strategic Vision

Helping to deliver on the promise of higher education: a good job, social capital and economic mobility in pursuit of a more humane, just and sustainable world.

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We are future-oriented, student-driven and community-centered.


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Our strategic pillars support the fulfillment of our mission and vision.


The Santa Clara Network

We strive to leverage the full power and diversity of the Santa Clara network—students, staff, faculty, alumni, employers, and community leaders. This is work we can't do alone; we invite you to partner and collaborate with us! You can help support the professional development and career aspirations of Santa Clara's diverse, dynamic student body. 

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About the Career Center

The Career Center is an award-winning, nationally recognized office that supports the professional development and career aspirations of all undergraduate students, non-business and non-law graduate students, and alumni.

Our team is committed to ensuring all students learn how to:

  1. Construct effective application materials.
  2. Describe in an interview how their skills and experiences relate to specific career opportunities of interest.
  3. Build a social and professional network.
  4. Identify and apply resources to develop their career.
  5. Feel confident about their career journey.

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Awards and Recognition

The Career Center pursues a high standard of excellence and has a reputation for thought leadership within the field of career services. Recent awards, speaking engagements, and recognition and rankings include:


  • Finalist, PeopleGrove 2023 Spotlight Award.
  • Winner, Career Leadership Collective 2022 Career Innovation Award.

Speaking Engagements

  • NACE 2023 Fall Competency Symposium on the topic of career readiness competencies.
  • NACE 2023 Annual Conference on the topic of A.I. solutions for resume writing.
  • CLC 2022 Annual Conference on our innovative use of Bronco Exchange.
  • MPACE 2022 Annual Conference on our flagship Diversity Works Expo & Awards program.

Recognition & Rankings

  • Ranked by Princeton Review as a Top 20 Best Career Placement office among private schools. (2021 and 2022).