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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Our Strategic Vision

Engaging the Santa Clara ecosystem, Silicon Valley and beyond

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The ever-evolving world of work has changed the role of education and career services.


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The Career Center's renewed mission is future-oriented, student-driven and community-centered.


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Our new initiatives and resources will prioritize coordination, engagement and storytelling.


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The SCU Network

Collaborating across the Santa Clara network and developing a deeper engagement with Silicon Valley will increase our goal of impacting the future career success of all SCU students.

Want to explore opportunities to get involved and support the future of student career development at SCU? Do you have questions or feedback? We'd enjoy hearing from you!

Engage with us

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The heart of our work at Santa Clara University’s Career Center involves a passion for helping students find their fit, to discover the intersection between their talents, what brings them joy, and what the world needs.

We encourage students to engage with us early and often in their exploration of Silicon Valley’s vibrant employment marketplace with opportunities ranging from fellowships, internships, research opportunities, and full-time jobs.

Meet Our Team