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  • Employers spend 20 seconds or less reviewing a resume


    Since you have a few precious seconds to make an impression with your resume, how will you tell your story? For starters, your resume should be a strategically targeted document featuring relevant skills and experiences versus a laundry list of everything you have ever done.

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    Cover Letters

    Your cover letter is your chance to communicate what makes you, you. But remember, employers can spot a form cover letter a mile away. So, while it’s important to highlight your experience, accomplishments, and skills, it’s essential that you research the company and connect your qualifications, passion, and interests to their needs.

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    Preparing for an interview is a whole lot more than Googling a company and reviewing the job description. In order to rock an interview, immerse yourself in your prospective employer’s world. A couple quick tips include using LinkedIn to look up company info and employee profiles and anticipate questions and think through and practice your answers out-loud (so you don’t get stuck feeling unprepared).

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