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CRAFT Your Personal Brand

The first step to telling your professional story is through crafting the following four essentials:

These four components to your personal brand are also the primary next steps to focus on as you consider applying to internships/jobs and start networking with folks. The resume and cover letter are documents that are commonly submitted as part of an internship/job application, whereas LinkedIn and elevator pitches are beneficial for many different networking contexts.





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    Cover Letter

    Your cover letter is your chance to communicate what makes you, you. But remember, employers can spot a form cover letter a mile away. So, while it’s important to highlight your experience, accomplishments, and skills, it’s essential that you research the company and connect your qualifications, passion, and interests to their needs. Check out our resource for more details on the anatomy of a cover letter, sample cover letters, and some quick tips we have for you all.

    Resume and Cover Letter Guide - A comprehensive guide to answer all of your resume and cover letter questions. Click the links below to go to a specific section of the guide.



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    LinkedIn Profile

    According to LinkedIn, it is “the world’s #1 professional network—not just for job seekers, but recruiters too. By following some simple tips, from optimizing your profile to connecting with future coworkers, you can use LinkedIn to jumpstart a new career or find your next play.” Having a strong LinkedIn profile gives you credibility and is vital to your networking process.

    LinkedIn Masterclass Check out Step 2 of this course to build an effective profile



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    Elevator Pitch

    An elevator pitch is your 30sec opportunity to capture a recruiter and/or a hiring manager’s attention by communicating your personal brand, what you have done, and what you are looking for. It is also a handy tool to have in your back pocket for any networking event!