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Career Center, Santa Clara University

LinkedIn Profile

According to LinkedIn, it is “the world’s #1 professional network—not just for job seekers, but recruiters too. By following some simple tips, from optimizing your profile to connecting with future coworkers, you can use LinkedIn to jumpstart a new career or find your next play.” Having a strong LinkedIn profile gives you credibility and is vital to your networking process.

So, first things first! Let’s create a strong profile.

  1. Connect with Bucky Bronco and check out his profile for ideas.
  2. Use Pg.1 of our LinkedIn Job Search Checklist  to create a complete profile.
  3. Try these great profile tips from The Muse.

Ready to move from a basic LinkedIn profile to a strategically written one? Check out the following resources for a deeper dive:

  1. Hack the Hiring Process with LinkedIn (Oct 2022) - Join Jeremy Schifeling and Omar Garriott, who led education marketing at LinkedIn, as they unpack with SCU students on how recruiters use the platform and how you can earn an edge in the hiring process through a strategically and authentically written profile
  2. LinkedIn Masterclass - Check out Step 2 of this course to build an effective profile. Free for SCU students (normally $99)!

If/once you have your profile set up, visit our Networking and LinkedIn resource page to learn how you can leverage this platform to build and expand your network, seek support in your professional development journey and offer support to others, research the multitude of career pathways available, and discern your own next steps.


Yes! A LinkedIn profile is appropriate for all students no matter the industry you’d like to pursue.

We recommend that you start with the bullet points from your resume, but think about including those that are relevant to the job you desire so you may adjust the order they are in, add new ones or not include them all. You can also incorporate images/media (e.g. relevant slide deck, flier) in your experience section(s).

Even if you share your resume with someone, they will typically look for you on LinkedIn as well so it’s important to have an established profile with a link to your LinkedIn url on your resume so it’s easy for them to find you.