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Career Center, Santa Clara University


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VMock is a 24/7 online resume-review tool that...

  • Leverages data-science and machine learning
  • Provides instant, personalized resume feedback for students
  • Uses criteria gathered from employers and global best-practices

When you sign up/log in, you will have the option to upload an existing resume for evaluation, or create a new one using ATS-friendly templates that the Career Center partnered with VMock in creating specifically for the SCU community. Check out the following resources to help you get started:

Create your Account / Log In Here!

Note for Graduate Business and Law Students: if you are pursuing a graduate degree in the Leavey School of Business or Law School, please do not use the general link to login, and instead use these links:


  • If you do not have a resume, want to create a new one, or are converting a high school resume to a college one, you can choose an existing template in VMock and create a new resume directly on the platform
  • You can have more than one experience section and choose different types of headers through a header’s dropdown menu
  • Use the score as a guideline, not an end all be all
  • Remember to rescore your resume after you complete the recommended edits
  • Each student has access to 10 uploads/rescores per academic year


A.I. is a helpful tool to make process flows more efficient, give inspiration, and create basic structure for your work. In the case of a resume, it can elevate your document’s baseline and henceforth, allows you to discuss more meaningful aspects of your unique application document with a counselor, a mentor, or trusted professional.

No, converting to a VMock template is not mandatory. However, if you want to edit your resume within the platform via SMART Editor, then you will be asked to convert your existing resume to one of the templates provided.

The highest likelihood is that you did not register and/or sign into VMock with your SCU SSO. Make sure to log in here.