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Evangelical Revival in El Alto
  Evangelical Revival in El Alto, 1995
With his outstretched arms, Casimiro celebrates his evangelical faith with other members of the Sunday congregation at Iglesia Beth Shalom. Drawing residents from across the city, this and other evangelical churches in El Alto, are quickly becoming centers for migrant families, as they proclaim their new found faith and receive an instant family in the city. Since this church does not condone the consumption of alcohol, single mothers also seek refuge at the doorstep of such pastors and their members. Preaching the diabolical nature of indigenous beliefs, Evangelical ministers urge their followers to renounce their traditional ways, exclusively speak Spanish, and abide by the teachings of The Bible. Migrants who find the church often comment that they feel more secure in their new urban siutaion, since they can trust other Christians who they meet there.
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