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Wedding at Beth Shalom
  Wedding at Beth Shalom, 1995
Calixto and Rosario celebrate their marriage in the evangelical church where they met the previous year. Hailing from different communities on the Altiplano both found respite in the security provided by the organization from the trying urban existence. Surrounded by their church family, the couple receives guests and dances in the same hall where they recently stated their marriage vows to each other. Like the imported religious beliefs, practices and fashions similar to those found in Western society are integral to the celebration. A fancy white dress for the bride, her bridesmaids, and his groomsmen, a multilevel cake, streamers and confetti each reflect the ongoing urbanization and subsequent foreign influences found in El Alto. All partake and enjoy the party for the remainder of the afternoon, knowing that together they provide a necessary support system they may otherwise not have in the city.
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