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Splash: A Platform for Analysis and Simulation of Health

Tuesday, November 8, O'Connor 106

Speaker: Wang-Chiew Tan, UC Santa Cruz/IBM

Title: Splash: A Platform for Analysis and Simulation of Health

Abstract: Health decision support systems typically assist doctors and patients making treatment decisions based on knowledge gleaned from research studies, pharmaceutical data, disease models, epidemiological simulations, and more. But health also depends on decisions made by law-makers, community leaders, and people in advertising, transportation, agriculture, education, sanitation, and government.  Because health decisions frequently require understanding complex interactions of diverse systems across many disciplines, no one system or knowledge base can incorporate all models or data related to health. Consider obesity: models of transportation, eating habits, shopping choices for food, exercise, and metabolism need to be combined with geographic, store location, and population data to play "what if," asking, for instance, how community obesity measures would change if a healthy but inexpensive store opens near an obesity "hot spot." Splash?Smarter Planet Platform for Analysis and Simulation of Health? is a framework for combining heterogeneous simulation models and data. By enabling interoperability and reuse of models and data, Splash enables experts from different disciplines to collaborate to exploit their combined knowledge. The resulting composite simulation models can be used for deep predictive analytics, enabling "what if" analyses that cut across disciplines and supporting complex health decisions when expertise from a single domain does not suffice.

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