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The Department of Anthropology's Seminar Series

Drs. Michelle Bezanson and Sean Watts,
and the students from ANTH, ENVS, and BIO,
Santa Clara University

27 October 2010
5:00 – 6:00 pm.
Kennedy Commons

“Monkeys, soil, frogs, and sustainability in Costa Rica.”

Drs. Bezanson and Watts,along with Rochelle Stowe, Megan King, Kyla Moran, Joe O'Brien, Carly Zipper, and Elisa Fanucchi, will answer numerous questions on research in Costa Rica. How does soil vary in different areas of a rainforest? What is it like to climb a rainforest tree?How do capuchin monkeys interact with their environment? Does poison-dart frog behavior vary according to color brightness and intensity of individual frogs? What are the ethical issues of doing research in fragile ecosystems? They will explore these issues using recent research at Estacion Biological La Suerte in Northeastern Costa Rica.


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