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Video art show: Memory Mine

Video art exhibition in the Art Department Gallery: Memory Mine

Lydia Greer
Farley Gwazda
Azin Seraj

October 25-December 3, 2010, Opening: Thursday, Nov. 4
Artist Lecture: 5-5:45 p.m. in Fine Arts room F
Reception and artist talks: 5:45-8 p.m.

In this collection of video work, the artists use the camera as a tool to engage memory and reexamine personal history. When the video camera turns on, the subject becomes an actor and the story changes with each retelling. Fixed notions of personal history and cultural identity are complicated through differences in representation.

 A Self Made House opens with the artist Lydia Greer’s stepfather telling a family folktale of two sisters, a violent hog, and a house that forms itself. Much like the way the story is told, Greer shapes this film through hand-made animation, performance, and shifting narratives. Greer lets the story (and the house) build itself through the assemblage of divergent genres, interpretations, and narrative devices.

 Farley Gwazda initiates intimate interactions between participants through modest materials and tactile games. In this new work, Gwazda constructs a dimly-lit box in which family members place their hands inside to hold and talk about the contents, largely household and childhood objects. In this safe confessional space, family members describe the nostalgic, remorseful, and humorous memories these objects evoke. Gwazda’s unassuming use of play allows the participants and viewers to engage with the work in a sincere way.

 In Azin Seraj’s video installation, the viewer is drawn into a dense visual landscape of everyday life—bustling urban streets, colorful mosques, and evening street vendors. Through the split-screen display, the viewer’s attention is placed on the liminal moments of time, space, and memory. This meditative work resists the illustration of Iran as a media headline, a place of war and unrest. Instead, we see a montage of Iran that moves in real time, rich in subtlety and reflexivity.

 -Curated by Rose Khor

Art Department Gallery
Gallery Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m
If you have a disability and require accommodation, please contact (408) 554-5483.



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