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MocheArt/Medieval Art: Architectural Representations in Ancient Peru.

As part of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program's  "Europe and Americas: Points of Contact/Points of Conflict" 2010-2011 events, we will be hosting a lecture by Dr. Juliet Wiersema entitled "MocheArt/Medieval Art: Architectural Representations in Ancient Peru."

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
Benson Center, Room 21

Dr. Wiersema's talk will focus on art, artistic representation, and the act of conveying complex messages relying solely on pictorial imagery. Dr. Wiersema will discuss early medieval European art (and manuscript illustration in particular) as a starting point for a presentation on  Precolumbian ceramic art,  specifically the architectural representations found in the vessels of the Moche, an ancient Andean culture without a text-based writing system whose occupation in Peru initiates approximately during the reign of Constantine and declines around the time of Charlemagne. The presentation will walk viewers through the reading of a Moche architectural pot and will propose these objects as schematic diagrams of structures holding key ceremonial importance in Moche ritual architecture.

For more information about this lecture, or the Medieval Renaissance Program, please contact Blake de Maria(Department of Art & Art History).


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