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Santa Clara Valley and the College

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The Museum houses a collection of objects that documents the pre- or post-Mission history of Santa Clara Valley and Santa Clara College up to the 1920s. These objects include artifacts once owned by the Californios, or the Spanish-speaking settlers of the area, such as ranch equipment and personal objects, as well as desks and scientific instruments used by Santa Clara's first students, before it became a university. Highlights include a large grinding wheel, mid-19th century portraits of Californios, and documents related to the pre-Wright Brothers flights of Santa Clara alumnus and physics professor John J. Montgomery.

Image: California History permanent exhibition (installation shot) featuring artifacts from Santa Clara Valley and the College, photo courtesy Chuck Barry.



California History Exhibition

Through historical objects and artifacts, the California History Collection tells the history of the area from the pre-contact period to the founding of Mission Santa Clara through the Gold Rush and early years of the College.