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Safety Training Reminder


Injury and Illness Prevention Training: In late January, Fr. Engh sent an email announcing that all faculty and staff must complete an Injury and Illness Prevention training course by June 30. This is a one-time, California regulatory required training course being offered by the Environment, Health, and Safety Department (EHS) either through an online training module or via an in-person class. Email invitations to complete the online training module were sent to all employees in February from To-date, approximately 25 percent of faculty and staff have completed this training requirement either by completing the online module or taking an in-person class with EHS. June 30 will sneak up on us so be sure to complete this training as soon as possible. If you are unsure whether you have already completed this training requirement or can't find your email invitation, please send an email to
SCU Campus Alert Reminder: SCU Campus Alert is our primary means of providing the SCU community with timely information in the event of an emergency. You can register up to three phone numbers and two email addresses to receive emergency information via text, email and/or voice mail. The more people that are enrolled in the system, the stronger our emergency response efforts will be. Registration is simple, just go to eCampus and look for the SCU Campus Alert link. If you are already registered, it's a good time to verify your contact information hasn't changed. Register today


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