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SCU in the News

Mario Belotti (economics) appeared in Chief Executive Magazine in a roundup of the week’s news, discussing the uptick in retail sales.

Jerry Burger (psychology) appeared on ABC’s Nightline and CNN (and their numerous affiliates) about a fake game show in France that was really a test of how much pain contestants were willing to inflict under orders. His appearances spurred Canadian publication the Ottawa Citizen to request an op-ed, which ran in several other Canadian papers.

Gerald Coleman, S.S. (pastoral ministries) wrote an op-ed for the San Jose Mercury News on various elements of sexual addiction in the wake of the Tiger Woods and John Edwards scandals.

David Friedman (Law) wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Times about the Great Depression that didn’t happen.

Eric Goldman (Law) talked to ABC Australia Radio about Google and China. His name also appeared hundreds of times — stemming from interviews with the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters and others— about topics like Google’s legal battle with Viacom; financial news aggregators; a key Google Adwords victory -- even online porn. Several legal bloggers also extensively quoted him or his blog postings on Google, with praise like “excellent analysis.”

Anna Han (Law) was interviewed on ABC7 about the unlikely chances that China will stop censoring Internet searches now that Google has decided to stop doing business there—a story that was picked up by numerous affiliate stations. She was also a source for the San Jose Mercury News on the same subject, a story also picked up by nearly a dozen publications.

Kirthi Kalyanam (marketing) spoke to ABC7 about a new twist in online advertising: instant referrals to places where consumers can find clothes similar to those celebrities are wearing.  

James Lai (political science) talked to the Mercury News about Gavin Newsom’s likely strategy in running for California Lt. Governor, in a story that was carried by nearly a dozen other publications.

Sandee Magliozzi (Law) talked to the San Francisco Business Times about changes to SCU Law services and classes to help prepare grads to stand out in the legal marketplace. The story ran in several area Business Journals.

Margaret McLean (Markkula) was quoted in SmartMoney Magazine about whether it’s ethical to keep excess change inadvertently remitted by a store clerk.

Santa Clara University made’s list of the top 22 Catholic colleges and universities, out of hundreds. SCU also was listed as one of several private schools in an American Enterprise Institute study, appearing in the Mercury News and other publications, where Hispanic students match or exceed white students for graduation rates.

A study by Sandra Schneiders, I.H.M. (JSTSCU) about religious life as a prophetic life form was carried in the National Catholic Reporter and mentioned in The Tidings.

Hersh Shefrin (finance) was quoted by SmartMoney magazine about the flaws in mutual funds that are supposed to invest with an eye toward specific retirement dates.

News of the appointment of Drew Starbird (Leavey) as dean of the business school ran in numerous area Business Journals.

Meir Statman (finance) spoke to a Financial Post reporter about opportunities in foreign stocks given the surge in the Canadian loonie (the Canadian dollar). The story appeared in numerous Canadian papers.

Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

***NOTE: Use EXTREME CAUTION before printing the linked information, as it will be dozens of pages!! ***

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