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Grants, Awards, and Publications


Angelo Ancheta (Law) has received a year two funding of $31,519 from County of Santa Clara to support the "Unmet Civil Legal Services Program."
Mike Carrasco (Chemistry) has received $159,159 from the National Science Foundation to support "MRI: Acquisition of a mass Spectrometer."
David Hess (Biology) has received funding of $147,525 from the National Science Foundation to support "RUI: Utilization of Natural Variation in Domesticated Strains of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to Elucidate Metabolic Specialization."
Chris Kitts (Mechanical Engineering) has received a two year contract from NASA Ames Research Center that provides $41,000 to support "Small Spacecraft Division Microsatellite-Nanosatellite Technology Research & Development Support."
Dennis C. Smolarski S.J. (Mathematics and Computer Science) has received first place in a Liturgy book award by the Catholic Journal with his book, Eucharist and American Culture.
William Stover (Political Science) was elected to serve on the International Political Science Association’s Board of Advisors for a third term of three years after chairing a panel on “Terrorism and Legal Considerations” in Ankara, Turkey.
Chris Weber (Physics) has received an award from National Science Foundation that provides $190,000 to support "RUI: Measurement of density of states of (Ga,Mn)As and diffusion of photoinduced order by ultrafast transient-grating spectroscopy."
These announcements are from July. August announcements will be published in the next issue on Oct. 17. If you have any announcements you would like to submit, e-mail by Oct. 11.


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