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Robots Invade Campus


Robotics will take the stage at the Mayer Theatre on April 16. Specifically 16, five-inch robots and their creator James McLurkin will close out this year’s President’s Speaker Series. The presentation, titled “Dances with Robots,” will explore questions associated with integrating engineering and biology through robotics.
As an assistant professor in computer science and director of the Multi-Robot Systems Lab at Rice University, McLurkin focuses his research on developing distributed algorithms for multi-robot systems, which is software that produces complex group behaviors from the interactions of many simple individuals. These ideas are not new: ants, bees, wasps, and termites have been running this type of software for 120 million years. His research group has one of the largest collections of robots in the world, with over 200 robots to use. The SwarmBots were originally created during McLurkin's five-year tenure as Lead Research Scientist at iRobot.
This final event in the 2011/12 President’s Speakers Series will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Mayer Theatre, on Monday, April 16. Faculty and staff tickets are available for $20.
To purchase tickets or get more details about the event, please visit the speakers series website.


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