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Meet the Santa Clara University Student Bloggers

What’s the best place on campus to eat at midnight?

Does the #60 bus run northbound or southbound on El Camino Real?

How do you get from Santa Clara University to Berkeley using Caltrain and BART?

These are some of the questions asked and answered in the Santa Clara University student blog.

The blog is a small glimpse into life on the Santa Clara campus: academics, student life and social activities. It describes the "Santa Clara experience" firsthand as four freshmen, two sophomores, and two junior students write about being students at Santa Clara - studying for tests, trips to the beach at Santa Cruz, doing laundry, celebrating Halloween, life in the residence halls, making new friends and becoming a part of the Santa Clara community.

As Katherine Bercovitz, a current freshman blogger from Cheshire, Connecticut said “Last spring, when I was making my own decision about which university to attend, I found that emailing with two current students gave me a great feel for campus life. I am especially grateful to these two students for their stories.”

Austin Alleman, also a freshman blogger, is an honors student in the School of Engineering. Austin discovered Santa Clara student blogs as he was researching colleges. “On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I stumbled across the blogs of freshman students at Santa Clara, and found myself reading all the posts. There are so many facets of the Santa Clara experience I didn't know about, all of which got me really excited to be coming to school in the fall. You can't find out about these things by taking a tour, or surfing the website.

I want to provide that same Saturday afternoon to the next group of incoming freshmen, and get them excited to come to SCU like I am.”

Follow the life and times of Katherine, Austin, and other student bloggers.

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