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Twenty-seven Santa Clara University Alumni Serving as Jesuit Volunteers

Twenty-seven recent graduates of Santa Clara University are spending the next year serving as volunteers in schools, health and legal clinics, and nonprofit organizations through two U.S. Jesuit Volunteer Corps organizations.
During their time as Jesuit Volunteers, they will be dedicated to living simply and working for social justice in a spiritually supportive community of other volunteers.
“The very fact that so many of our alumni choose this less-traveled path reflects well on their SCU experience,” said Fr. Jack Treacy, director of Campus Ministry at SCU. “Their commitment to dedicate this time to live in solidarity with those who struggle and live on the margins of society speaks to the core of SCU’s Jesuit values.”
SCU’s JVC volunteers are among nearly 500 young adults who started their year of volunteer work in late summer, living in dozens of communities in the U.S. and six other countries across the globe. Their work saves the communities an estimate of well over $6 million each year, in comparison to the cost of a salaried employee. Read more.



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