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Hope Beyond Uganda

Santa Clara University senior Joshua Goldberg, a public health major and biology minor, looks to graduate in the spring just like hundreds of other Broncos. He plans to attend medical school after a gap year, also like many students. However, compared to most students, this is where the common ground largely ends.
During his upcoming gap year, Goldberg plans on helping build, start up, and run a self-sustaining, nonprofit medical aid clinic in Uganda. Provided that he is able to find the $10,920 necessary for start-up and building costs, he will be working with volunteer organization Hope Beyond Worldwide, a nonprofit founded by Kennedy Ochiens in 2008 as an offshoot of HOPE Children’s Foundation Africa. Goldberg was already looking for a major medical service opportunity when he and Ochiens first made contact.
Goldberg, as well as the organization itself, is making fundraising efforts to bring in the necessary money to get the clinic up and running. If that is successful, he will then travel to Uganda (where Hope Beyond Worldwide is headquartered) at the tail end of summer for 6–8 months to work in the out-clinic and help train the native staff. By the time Goldberg’s finishes his tenure at the clinic, it will be ready to be run entirely by native Ugandans, including physicians, nurses, and staff. Goldberg and the other foreign workers are planning on being there to do their philanthropic duty and help start things up. 
He said that these efforts started a week before Thanksgiving, and he’s been talking to people around SCU since then. Goldberg says that the networking he has been able to do at SCU has been really successful and that, though he has yet to find an angel benefactor, he’s come away with many ideas and improved networking skills. Fundraising is still an obstacle to figure out, though he plans to have the organization as a whole incorporated as a tax-exempt 501.3(c) nonprofit.
Once the clinic is running, it is projected to treat between 80–100 patients a day in Kawempe, a shantytown with a population of 300,000, some 10 kilometers north of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. The clinic plans to target diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, polio, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever, as well as treat accidents and provide immunizations. With this clinic, Goldberg, Ochiens, and everyone involved in the organization are trying—hopefully with a little help from SCU—to bring a little worldwide “hope” to Uganda.


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