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 Santa Clara University Conferred 1,350 Degrees at 160th Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

Be a man or woman for others. Those were the words from commencement speaker and world-renowned author Dr. Khaled Hosseini to the 1,350 graduating seniors at Santa Clara University’s 160th undergraduate commencement ceremony Saturday.

The graduates, 652 men and 698 women, ranging from ages 18 to 50, listened to Hosseini, a 1988 Santa Clara alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He told them that much of what he learned on campus as an undergraduate student is more relevant to him today than he could have ever imagined.

“Being a man or woman for others is a great responsibility but it is also a great gift. But first, in order to accept this gift, we have to first reject the prevailing mindset of our culture—the mindset of scarcity,” he said. Read more.

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