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 Grants, Awards, and Publications

Gerald Alexanderson (Mathematics and Computer Science) published Fascinating Mathematical People: Interviews and Memoirs in 2011. He also contributed to the book Expeditions in Mathematics.

Kathy Aoki (Art and Art History) will be exhibiting new artwork commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art specifically for the upcoming group show "Renegade Humor." Exhibition runs at SJMA from Feb. 3 to July 8.
Christopher Beatty (Biology) contributed to the book Terrestrial Arthropods of Macaronesia. He also contributed to the book Wading for Bugs: Exploring Streams with the Experts.
Rose Marie Beebe (Modern Languages and Literatures) and Robert Senkewicz (History) published To Toil in the Vineyard of the Lord: Contemporary Scholarship on Junipero Serra.
Bioengineering received a $10,000 grant from Intuitive Surgical for undergraduate summer research fellowships.
Brian Buckley (Philosophy) was awarded $1,000 to support development of a class called "Ethics and Marginalized Persons” from Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics.
Jerry Burger (Psychology) had the books Personality and Returning Home: Reconnecting with Our Childhoods published in 2011.
Thomas Cattoi and June McDaniel (Jesuit School of Theology) had the book Perceiving the Divine through the Human Body: Mystical Sensuality published.
George Chacko (Finance) and Carolyn Evans (Economics), et al. had their book, The Global Economic System: How Liquidity Shocks Affect Financial Institutions and lead to Economic Crises published.
Rohit Chopra (Communication) co-edited the book Global Media, Culture, and Identity: Theory, Cases, and Approaches, which was published in 2011.
Ruth Cook (Education), et al., published Adapting Early Childhood Curricula for Children with Special Needs.
Jim Cottrill’s (Political Science) article, "The Effects of Non-Legislative Approaches to Redistricting on Competition in Congressional Elections" was published in the latest issue of Polity (Volume 44, January, 2012).
Elizabeth Drescher (Religious Studies) was awarded $2,000 by Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics to support work on a project called "Pastoral Care in Social Media Communities: Exploring the Ethics of Digital Ministry." She also published her book Tweet of You [Love] Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation.
Penelope Duckworth (Theatre and Dance) published A Common Glory in 2011.
Eileen Elrod (English and Women's and Gender Studies) had an article, "Gender, Genre and Slavery: The Other Rowson, Rowson's Others" published in the latest issue of Studies in American Fiction (Volume 38, Spring and Fall, 2011).
John Endres (Jesuit School of Theology) published First and Second Chronicles.
Alexander Field (Economics) had his book A Great Leap Forward: 1930s Depression and U.S. Economic Growth published in 2011.
Karen Fraser (Art and Art History) had her new book Photography and Japan published in 2011.
Jonathan Fung (Communication) was awarded $2,500 by Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics to complete work on a film called "Hark.”
Lester Goodchild (Education) published “Higher Education as a Field of Study in the United States: Its History, Degree Programs, and Knowledge Base” in Peking University Educational Review 9.
Terri Griffith (Management) published The Plugged-In Manager.
Ron Hansen (English) published the book A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion: A Novel.
Yvonne Ekern (Law) published Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing.
Mary Hood (Law) edited Santa Clara Law 1911-2010: Centennial Faculty Bibliography, which was published in 2011.
Paul Janowiak (Jesuit School of Theology) published Standing Together in the Community of God: Liturgical Spirituality and the Presence of Christ.
Peter Kareiva and Michelle Marvier (Environmental Studies and Sciences) published Conservation Science: Balancing the Needs of People and Nature.
Barbara Kelley (Communication) co-wrote the book Undecided: How to Ditch the Endless Quest for Perfect and Find the Career-and Life- That’s Right For You in 2011.
Phil Kesten (Physics) and Dave Tauck (Biology) published University Physics for the Physical and Life Sciences in 2011.
John Kohler, Thane Kreiner, and Jessica Sawhney (Center for Science, Technology and Society) published Coordinating Impact Capital: A New Approach to Investing in Small and Growing Businesses in 2011.
James Lai (Ethnic Studies) published the book Asian American Political Action: Suburban Transformations.
Fabio Lopez-Lazaro (History) published the book The Misfortunes of Alonso Ramirez: The True Adventures of a Spanish American with 17th-Century Pirates.
Gary Macy (Religious Studies) had a busy month. He contributed a chapter in Donne e Bibbia nel Medioevo, and his plenary address for the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States was published in the online Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology.
Barbara Molony (History), et al., had the book Modern East Asia: An Integrated History published in 2011.
Steven Nahmias (Operations Management and Information Systems) published Perishable Inventory Systems.
Aparajita Nanda (English and Ethnic Studies) edited the book Black California: A Literary Anthology, which published in 2011.
Thomas Plante (Psychology) published the book Contemporary Clinical Psychology. He also co-edited Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: A Decade of Crisis, 2002-2012.
Kathleen Ridolfi (Law) was awarded $5,000 by Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics to support work called "Prosecutorial Ethics Curriculum."
Laura Robinson (Sociology) received $3,000 from Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics to support work on a project called "Digital Democracy and Citizen Participation: Examining the Ethical Implications of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Digital Commons."
Sandra Schneiders (Jesuit School of Theology) published Prophets in their Own Country: Women Religious Bearing Witness to the Gospel in a Troubled Church.
David Sloss (Law) contributed to the text International Law in the U.S. Supreme Court: Continuity and Change that was published in 2011.
Meir Statman (Finance) published What Investors Really Want: Discover What Drives Investor Behavior and Make Smarter Financial Decisions.
Andy Tsay (Operations Management & Information Systems) has been reappointed
for a second three-year term as Senior Editor of the Production & Operations
Management journal.
Nancy Unger (History) was awarded $2,255 to support work on a project called "Diggs-Caminetti and the Mann Act: Test Case in Legislating America's Sexual Ethics" from the Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics.
Tim Urdan (Psychology) contributed to APA Educational Psychology Handbook, which was published in 2011.
Beth Van Schaack (Law) contributed to the publication Cambodia’s Hidden Scars: Trauma Psychology in the Wake of Khmer Rouge: An Edited Volume on Cambodia’s Mental Health.
Stephanie Wildman (Law) co-published Women and the Law Stories.
Shannon Vallor (Philosophy) received $2,000 from Hackworth Grants for Research in Applied Ethics to support development of a class called "Sustainable Energy and Ethics in Engineering."
Juan Velasco (English) published La Masacre de Los Sonadores.
Manuel Velasquez (Management) published the book, Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases.
Simone Billings (English) published The Well-Crafted Argument: A Guide and Reader.
Yuling Yan (Bioengineering) co-authored a paper entitled “Vocal fold vibratory characteristics of healthy geriatric females—analysis of high-speed digital images,” which was accepted for publication in Journal of Voice.
Betty Young (Physics) has received an additional $9,003 in subcontract funding from UC Berkeley/NSF to support "SuperCDMS Operation at Soudan."
More announcements will be published in the next issue on Feb. 15. If you have any announcements you would like to submit, e-mail by Feb. 9.

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