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 Radiant Return

Santa Clara University welcomes home Solar Decathlon team

The Santa Clara University community is invited to welcome home the 2013 Solar Decathlon team at a party this Friday. After the international competition to build a solar home wrapped up Oct. 13, the team was tasked with taking Radiant House apart before coming home to catch up on school work. The School of Engineering leaders say Friday’s event will be the culmination of countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears for the team.

"The experience the students have garnered over the past two years—the sense of pride and strength—is one they will carry for a lifetime and we are so proud of them," said School of Engineering Dean Godfrey Mungal. "At this gathering, we wish to now thank them personally and celebrate their efforts.”

The team finished fifth in engineering and 11th overall in the competition. This year was the closest the scores have ever been in all six Solar Decathlon competitions. 

“We want to thank everyone for their support. We’re very proud of Radiant House and are bittersweet about the end of this journey,” says team communications manager Brian Grau.

The team did extremely well in the measured contest based on data, placing first in the categories of Comfort Zone, Home Entertainment, and Energy Balance; second in Hot Water, and fourth in Appliances. No official word on where Radiant House will make its final home.

Solar Decathlon Celebration

Friday, Oct. 25

12:30 pm 

Engineering Quad

Pizza provided

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